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Last week, Influence Central collaborated with ten top PR and Marketing executives across the U.S. to generate insights on executing campaigns and maintaining relationships through the Covid-19 crisis.

Jake Rosen, CEO of Jake Rosen Entertainment, is dedicated to helping digital talents reach their full potential. He also joined the conversation with Influence Central on advising clients during a time of disruption. Jake is advising brands not to hit the marketing pause button right now, which is a sentiment shared by the PR and Marketing agencies we spoke with last week.


Jake Rosen is a talent manager who has worked in the social media space his entire career, with deep experience producing digital content for media companies like ABC, MTV, and Lifetime. About a year ago, Jake pivoted his focus from publishers to video creators, and he now manages 10 creator clients who focus on a wide range of topics including comedy, parenting, health, education, and more. Some of Jake’s clients include Meredith Masony of That’s Inappropriate, Tiffany Jenkins of Juggling the Jenkins, Nurse Blake, and Gerry Brooks – and they all use Facebook as their primary social media platform

From Crowdfunding to Fan Subscriptions

She’s been utilizing a crowdfunding membership platform for financial sponsorship from her fans, but with millions of followers on Facebook, she decided to go where her fans are and try our Facebook fan subscriptions test as well. Tiffany already had a vibrant community on Facebook where she was reaching and actively engaging with fans, so she found a receptive audience for fan subscriptions. Within just six days of joining fan subscriptions, she was able to gain more than 400 supporters through the program. She now enjoys more personal interactions with dedicated supporters and is able to give back to the wider community by donating a portion of her revenue each month to a charity that her supporters choose.

Kate has been able to generate a regular, monthly revenue stream while deepening her connection to her community.

In early 2019, Kate decided to offer fans the opportunity to become supporters of the Page through fan subscriptions, allowing them more intimate interaction and special access to exclusive content. In just three weeks after joining the program, Finding Cooper’s Voice had thousands of supporters paying $4.99 USD per month, and her supporters have become like an extended family.

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